Lidia hand embroidery

Sorrento keeps the secrets of ancient arts such as embroidery Hand, Inlay, ceramics, leather manufacturing and many others.
the Embroidery
Embroidery is the craft and the product of the design with the needle on a fabric. It's fine art practiced since ancient times, and it still exists in the world. The art of embroidery, as in other craft activities, is characterized by the careful attention in the execution.
In Sorrento, at Via Degli Aranci n. 57, has existed for about 45 years, a small workshop of hand embroidery, the result of a job handed down from generation to generation in the past it was done mainly at home.
Mrs. Laura who now manages more than 25 years this activity, is delighted to create new designs and patterns for its embroidery. In particular we produce by hand kits, layettes, curtains, pillows, centers with numerous other objects, offering customers unique items, exclusive and personalized.