Italy Limo service

Who uses this kind of service knows that it is different from a normal taxi or public transportation like a bus for many reasons:

  • Luxury, clean and safe cars;
  • Drivers speaking more than one language dressed always with suite and tie, and able to offer assistance in every moment that meet the guests at airports , train stations or in hotel's hall;
  • Suggestions for the best restaurants, hotels, beaches, ext...


The private limo car service is different from a normal taxi because:

  • All kinds of service need to be booked in advance , instead a taxi can be called at the moment;
  • The price to pay will be established before the service. The price that is paid to a taxi is calculated from a meter and normally for a long distance it will not be convenient;
  • The cars of a limo service are parked in a private garage and does not stay in the street like a taxi.