An unmissable experience in the town famous for "pizza, sun and melodic songs". But with us you'll discover much more: one of the oldest towns of Italy and, at the same time, one of the most beautiful seasides of the world. We'll drive you through the narrow roads of the ancient part of the city, along the seaside of the famous fishermen's and mariners' neighbourhood of Santa Lucia, and through the panoramic roads of the hill of Posillipo to show you all the beauties of the most outstanding city of the South of Italy

Naples: a brief introduction to the town

Famous during the 18th century as one of the main stops of the Grand Tour the city of Naples, then called the "town of the threehundred domes", is still today able to fascinate tourists of all ages and countries because of its very unique combination of ancient monumental remains, stunning landscapes and lively social atmospheres. Walking through the narrow roads of the Old Town (Naples is one of the most precious examples in the world of a city that still preserves almost inaltered its original greek urbanistic layout, dating back to the 5th century b.c.) and visiting Naples' worldwide famous churches, cloisters and squares, may be not only one of the most unexpected delights of your vacation but the real chance to discover "the queen of all cities, the most elegant, the most noble. The only real italian metropolis" (Elsa Morante). In addition to this, the seaside of Naples, a place whose beauty has inspired hundreds of romantic songs and sea landscape's paintings, it's crossed by a road with plenty of panoramic spots: San Martino, a terrace girdled by a marble balustrade looking over the centro storico; Via Orazio and via Posillipo with their terraces overolooking the gorgeous bay of Naples with the mount Vesuvius in the background; the terrace on the top of Parco Virgiliano looking over the bays of Pozzuoli and Baia and the islets of Procida and Capri; on request you can also visit the archeological site of Villa "Pausilypon" (the word meaning "House of Releaf from Pain"), an ancient luxury resort overlooking Trentaremi bay and the islets of Gaiola and Nisida.


We start our tour from your hotel or your port of call. During this excursion your private driver will give you the chance to visit the most interesting neighbourhoods of the town of Naples: San Giuseppe, San Lorenzo, Mergellina, Posillipo, etc..


We start our tour heading to the centro storico di Napoli ("Naples ancient town") where you can stroll through the narrow streets, relax and have a coffee with a soft and crunchy sfogliatella for breakfast, visit churches, squares and cloisters. Our driver will give you a map of the town and a lot of good suggestions. Then we move towards Posillipo, admiring along the way Castel Nuovo, Palazzo Donn'Anna and the bay of Naples from the best panoramic spots of the Town. At this point you can have a full lunch, some snacks or a proper pizza as Naples is the birth-place of this worldwide famous food. After this restoring break we will head towards Cape Posillipo, where you'll have the chance to visit Virgiliano Park, whose terrace is considered, by the Touring Club of Italy, as "one of the most superb panoramic spots of the world". As a worthy conclusion of our magnificent itinerary, before leaving the town, what else may� help you to settle all these impressions in your mind more than a typical local aperitif at the table of one of the sun-bathed restaurants of the neighbourhood of Santa Lucia? This place is famous because of the gorgeous seaside pedestrian promenade beside the oldest castle of the town: Castel dell'Ovo.

DO NOT FORGET Camera, Sun hat, comfortable shoes


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