For trekking fans we organize tours in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast with professional guide, private transfers from/to the paths, suitcases transportation and more....

There is one aspect of the Amalfi coast and Sorrento peninsola that few lucky people know.
Spectacular nature trails, paths and ancient mule tracks through the chain of "Monti lattari" Milky mountains, we have hills trails still in excellent condition, through unspoilt nature.
One of the most picturesque locations is undoubtedly the Path of the Gods, famous throughout the world for its breathtaking views and the beautiful Mediterranean flora, the lush green hills that plunge into deep blue sea, picturesque landscapes and wilderness areas with caves and deep creeks of calcareous origin, due to its fantastic position half way between sea and sky, stretching on average around 500 mt. sea level and offers an incomparable view, which stretches from Praiano to Positano and the Isle of Capri until the Cilento.
These trips offer unforgettable days away from the confusion and in perfect harmony with nature, enjoying the unique sounds and colors.