Local family run wineries in the Vesuvio area - this extremely fertile land is home to vines hundreds of years old.
Wander through the vineyards and hear all about the production and flavours of the famous local wines "Lacryma Christi"
The name Lacryma Christi has its roots in a number of legends, the most repeated of which is that of Lucifer, who took with him a piece of heaven when he was cast out. When Christ saw Italy's Gulf of Naples, he recognized it as this stolen piece and wept over the loss; it is said that vines of Lacryma Christi sprang miraculously from the earth where his tears fell.

According to historic texts, winemaking of Vesuvius has origins which date to centuries before Christ. Aristotle wrote that the ancient people of Thessaly in Magna Grecia planted the first vineyards on the volcano's slopes in the 5th century BC.

Five centuries later, the Roman poet Martial wrote, "Bacchus loved these hills more than his native hills of Nisa".

After the rise of Christianity, monks who lived in a nearby tower continued producing this "Greek" wine, and in time the local peasants combined these two historic facts to form the name of the city of Torre del Greco, or "Greek Tower".